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Universität Konstanz
Workshop: The Right and (In)Equality - Myth and Reality

Workshop: May 11, 2023 | University of Konstanz at the Cluster Politics of Inequality

When it comes to (in)equality and the politics of inequality, political scientists often focus on left parties and far right parties. This workshop addresses this gap and aims to shed a broader light on the changing ways in which different parties right of the center — center right, radical right, and extreme right parties — conceive of (in)equality, broadly construed. Issues that the workshop intends to focus on include, but are not restricted to:

  • The extent to which right parties have changed their profiles and ideology regarding equality.
  • The determinants of ideological change on the right on issues related to various inequalities.
  • The utility of categories of party families, and the mainstream\radical distinction, on the right.
  • The adoption of certain egalitarian and/or anti-egalitarian policies by parties right of the center.

To address these issues, we invite papers that adopt diverse methodological toolkits and theoretical perspectives. The workshop will take place at the University of Konstanz, on May 11th and will be followed by a workshop dinner. The Emmy Noether Group Varieties of Egalitarianism: Mapping the Politics of Inequality (led by Alexander Horn) will organize and sponsor accommodation for 2 nights. Deadline for abstract submissioin: Feb 28th 2023. Please send <400-words abstract to voe[AT]uni-konstanz.de.

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