8th International Interpretive Policy Analysis 2013 is a triumph

The IPA conference is an annual meeting of researchers and practitioners from around the world. The Department of Political Science and the Life-Science-Governance (LSG) Research Platform (University of Vienna) hosted the 8th International Interpretive Policy Analysis (IPA) conference 2013.

Interpretive research methods enjoy increasing popularity and as such we were happy to welcome more than 400 conference participants from more than 30 countries around the globe. 

Entitled “Societies in Conflict: Experts, Publics and Democracy” the 8th IPA conference focused on the intersection of policy analysis with Science and Technology Studies (STS) by highlighting the relation between publics and experts and by touching upon one of the fundamental concepts of politics: ‘conflict’. And, indeed, there were many global conflicts while the conference took place – like the squatting of the Gezi Park in Istanbul, or the social protests in Brazil previous to the football world championship.

The conference offered a great variety of presentation formats and discussion forums: next to key notes by John Law and Deborah Stone there were roundtable discussions, “author meets critics” on recent publications, methodology workshops organized as research master classes, practice panels engaging practitioners from particular policy fields, and necessarily more than 60 panels. Current controversies in urban, environmental or technological domains constituted topics of analysis as well as discussions on theoretical innovation regarding concepts such as discourse, interpretation or politics. The interpretive approach thereby fostered a methodological pluralism that is sensitive to meaning, historical and social context, as well as the importance of human subjectivity. Furthermore, a pre-conference course was organized on discourse analysis, interpretive research designs, and interviewing.

The great mix of younger and experienced reseracher, the inspiring discussions and encounters made the IPA 2013 Vienna a very special event.

The partners of the conference: The Department of Science and Technology Studies (University of Vienna), the Institute of Forest, Environmental, and Natural Resource Policy (BOKU), the Austrian Political Science Association (ÖGPW), and with the generous support by the Department of City Administration 7, the Vienna Convention Bureau and the Faculty of Social Sciences conferenc. 

For photos and the keynote by Deborah Stone have a look at the conference website: ipa2013.univie.ac.at

IPA 2013 in the media (accessed on 26 September 2013):

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